The Lachrymator (2015)

Installation at the Miller Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA
March & April, 2015

"Isla Hansen’s Onion Empire was the most captivating. Hansen documents with live performance and camera feeds the hypothetical life cycles of onions from birth to death. The dramatic narrative of food preparation will leave tears in your eyes. Really. The entire floor was dedicated to onion dicing. So extreme was this, a blender with goggles attached allowed participants to enjoy all the wonders of the delicious onion. The only warning is, since this was a large production – if you go to see it, the experience will not be the same without the actors."

-- Foo Connor for Jekko

The Origin story:

Example of live feed:

Example of the live feed projected during installation of The Lachrymator
March & April, 2015 at the Miller Gallery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Live feed was achieved with 4 analog cameras throughout the space routed to matrix switcher serially controlled by MAX msp running on a mac laptop. The quality distortion you see now is due to multiple processes of recording and digitizing an analog live feed.