Yelena Isinbayeva Fly-Away Via Sattelite Broadcast, 2013-14 (ongoing)

You are Yelena Isinbayeva, Russian, world, and olympic record holder and current world champion in Pole Vault. Your exercise mat, designed to hold the body in one specific position, doubles as game controller for a semi-narrative space-fighter game, the rules and goals of which are nonexistent.


Background information:
The last three steps before a Vaulter’s “Swing and Row” (which consists of the tail leg being swung forward and the pole rowed) are referred to as the “turn over.” The goal of this phase is to efficiently translate the kinetic energy accumulated from the approach into potential energy stored by the elasticity of the pole, and to gain as much initial vertical height as possible by jumping off the ground. The term “Fly-Away” is used in pole vaulting to refer to the moment the vaulter pushes off the pole and releases it so that it falls away from the bar. The Pole Vault World Championships held in 2013 in August at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow was sponsored by Canon, TDK, Seiko, Toyota, and VTB, and streamed live in over 200 countries, as covered by 3,000 photographic journalists . Pole Vaulting has been a full medal event for Women in the Olymic Games since the year 2000.