Cos-Mo Cap Astrodrome America: Omnidimensional Abdigital Countergravitational Ectotemporal Live System for Hyperterrestrial Synthesized Telecomputational Motion Capture

Live Performance Game for The UCLA Game Arts Festival
@ The Hammer Museum
November, 2015

stay tuned for video documentation of the event. coming soon!

The following introductory video was projected for the players and audience at the Hammer to initiate the game:

Cos-Mo Cap Astrodrome America... was a live multiplayer game performed on stage. As players avoided cosmic debris and showed off for satellites, their performances were mediated through a novel motion capture system that challenged the typical interactive relationship between player and screen. Accompanied by live music and real-time analog graphics, the Cos-Mo Cap system suggests an alternative to camera vision systems as we know them. The live feed was achieved by capturing video via black syphon to perform live chromakey with MAX msp.

Puppetry of astroletes was performed by Isla Hansen and Tucker Marder.
Puppetry of props including debris, satellites, sex toys, and jello salads was performed by Andrea Vitali and Miller Klitsner.
Joining us from the UCLA Game Music Ensemble on Trumpet, Trombone, Trombone, and Percussion:
Elwin Martin, Sam Marton, Virginia Pettis, and Bijan Eghtesady.