First Place Professional 96” Universal Portable Panning Achievement Award Stabilizing Support System for LIVE Synchro w/ 50 ft Nylon Lycra Active Repeater Extension Cable
A network of trophies, tripods, cables, camera, and electrolytes for re-capturing, suspending, and displaying one moment in a synchronized swimming routine.

materials: Trophies, tripods, 5-hour Energy & Gatorade battery, kickboards, water fitness barbells, swim nose clips, Sport Beans, Fluid performance drink, Ultraswim Shampoo and Conditioner, towel, swim caps, photograph of synchronized swimmers, HD Action Camera, 75’ HDMI cable, monitor with live feed, players’ bench.

In First Place Professional…, the trophies of various unknown athletes of the past become a precariously balanced tripod that wields an action camera. This lens frames and surveils another balancing act, viewable via live feed: an aerial photograph of synchronized swimmers floating atop a sub-surface of various tools of the trade. Fueled by Blue-flavored electrolytes.