Tiny Phone Theater is a cell phone prosthetic and miniature theater set kit for producing your own tiny shows. Play with any phone camera app. The kit comes with adjustable phone holder that connects to a stage, proscenium frame, character rails, lighting tracks, a small theater fly system, and can connect to a bunch of other future accessories.

I used the tiny phone theater to remake the training scene from Rocky (video below) with the tiniest puppet of Sylvestor Stallone ever made. This Rocky scene is famous for being one of the earliest independent films to use Garret Brown's newly invented steadicam in 1976 back when it had only been used in 2 movies. Steadicam allows the cameraperson to follow a moving character, keeping them in the center of the frame, while the background moves behind them, sort of like the clunky moving panorama in my tiny set. Anything you dream up can be made with the Tiny Phone Theater, and you can even pick the phone up, move it all around, and keep a character in frame with a changing backdrop.

This is my second phone prosthesis play project since 2013, see my Game Prostheses For Phone (2013).

Also relevant is David O'Grady's piece on Isla for the UCLA Game Lab.